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8, 10 & 12 May 2018
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Likes, views, shares... all great! But now the time has come to make your support count for real and actually VOTE for your favourite(s) in the Grand Final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest. Here we'll explain you how.

How and when can I vote?

If you are in one of the 42 participating countries you can vote in the contest!
After all songs have been performed during Saturday's Grand Final, you can vote for your favourite for 15 minutes. You can vote by telephone and SMS through the numbers shown on your screen, and via the official app*.
You can vote up to 20 times, but you cannot vote for the country you are voting from.
Want to know more? Check out our voting page, with detailed information about how the voting works.

Vote through the official app

We recommend you use the official Eurovision Song Contest app to vote. When you vote in the app, you will get an EXCLUSIVE thank-you message from your favourite! During the show, the app also provides you with live info about the acts.

Listen to your favourite songs

Download or stream your favourite songs via your favourite platform!

Hey Eurovision fans!

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* Voting terms and tarifs are shown on screen and in the app. In case you are under 18, please ask for permission to vote from your parents or legal guardians.