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TOP 10: Most watched in 2016

Together you have watched over 1.3 Billion minutes of Eurovision videos. It's time to find out which songs you've listened to the most on our YouTube Channel.

Fan Favourite Zoë just took the tenth place. Barei from Spain scored 9th place with her song Say Yay! . Eight place went to Armenia's Iveta Mukuchyan and her song LoveWave. Representing the home country Sweden, Frans ended up in 7th place with If I Were Sorry. Poli Genova from Bulgaria and If Love Was A Crime ended up in 6th place.

The top 5 songs you've watched the most starts with Amir from France and his song J'ai Cherché. Michał Szpak from Poland ended on place number 4.

Dami Im from Australia starts the top 3 with her song Sound Of Silence. Eurovision winner Jamala from Ukraine was very well watched online and ended up in second place of most watched songs with the song 1944. The most watched song of 2016 is You Are The Only One sung by Sergey Lazarev from Russia

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