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Top 10 Global On-Demand Audio Streams: Eurovision 2021

It’s that time of the year again! From Brighton to Baku, everyone is carefully considering and compiling their ‘top 10’s and ‘best of’ lists to share among friends in this season of giving.

We already know who won Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam, and we publish our ‘Most Watched’ YouTube stats each month… but we were keen to see how our favourites fared across global streaming platforms.

The numbers crunchers at MRC Data have provided the list of the biggest Eurovision 2021 songs across all global, on-demand, audio streaming platforms*, and we’re extremely excited to share the top 10 with you now….

1. Måneskin - Zitti E Buoni 299,200,000
2. Go_A - Shum 61,800,000
3. Blind Channel - Dark Side 45,700,000
4. Barbara Pravi - Voilà 43,900,000
5. Tusse - Voices 34,800,000
6. Elena Tsagrinou -El Diablo 33,700,000
7. Daði og Gagnamagnið - 10 Years 29,100,000
8. Gjon's Tears - Tout L'Univers 26,500,000
9. TIX - Fallen Angel 22,400,000
10. Efendi - Mata Hari 21,700,000

Source: MRC Data, Total Global On-Demand Audio Streams (2021 to 25 November 2021)

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