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The Netherlands, Australia and Italy win Marcel Bezençon Awards

Duncan Laurence from The Netherlands, Kate Miller-Heidke and Mahmood (along with Dardust and Charlie Charles) from Italy have won the 2019 Marcel Bezençon Awards. The announcement is made just before the start of the Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final every year.

Since 2002, the Marcel Bezençon Awards, named after the founder of the Eurovision Song Contest has become an annual tradition. Christer Björkman, the former Eurovision representative for Sweden and five time Contest Producer, created the awards. They are decided by the accredited press, commentators and composers.

The Marcel Bezençon Awards are divided into three categories: the Press Award (given to the best entry voted for by the accredited media), the Artistic Award (presented to the best artist voted for by the commentators) and the Composer Award (a jury consisting of the participating composers who vote for the most original composition).

This year's winners are:

Press Award - Duncan Laurence from The Netherlands

Artistic Award - Kate Miller-Heidke from Australia

Composer's Award -Mahmood, Dardust, Charlie Charles

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