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Serhat (San Marino) was in the audience in 2000 Eurovision Song Contest

Serhat will represent San Marino at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest. Today isn't the first time that Serhat, the singer who is representing San Marino, has been to the Globe Arena. In 2000, when the contest was also staged at the Globe, Serhat was in the audience watching the Olsen Brothers triumph on stage. Now, after 16 years he is coming back to the Globe, but this time as a performer, with the song I Didn't Know.

Serhat likes to warm his voice up before going on stage by taking some mint tea. He is also a bit superstitious and doesn't like to sing his actual song prior to going onto the stage.

As has been well documented, the original version of the song was replaced by a more uptempo version, and this meant that Serhat had to make changes to his previously planned performance, including having a different outfit on stage than he had originally envisaged.

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