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"Norway" Eurovision Song Contest 2010

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Didrik Solli-Tangen was one of the main favourites to win the grand prix of the 55th Eurovision Song Contest. It was a hard task as he represented the Host Country and would have had to follow Alexander Rybak's victory. He did give an impressive and convincing performance in Oslo and gathered a total of 35 points across Europe.
Who is he?
Didrik Solli-Tangen was born on a summer day twenty-two years ago outside of Porsgrunn, a town situated a couple of hours south west of Oslo, Norway. He had a typical Norwegian childhood and among his interests were off-road biking, skateboarding and of course, music.
At 15 years-old, Didrik formed a band with some friends and became a drummer. One day, the lead singer wanted some back-up harmonies, and he turned to Didrik. Didrik had discovered his voice; he started performing in front of classmates and family, and joined the local "high-school musical."
His father got Didrik a professional voice coach, Anders Vangen, the best vocal coach in the area. Didrik's father wanted his son to move in a classical direction, but Didrik adamantly refused; he was heavily inspired by Robbie Williams and his likes. However, his coach slowly introduced him to great operatic singers and it didn't take long before Didrik learned to hit the high "C".
Didrik is currently a full-time student at the highly acclaimed Barratt Due Institute of performing arts in Oslo. Didrik met composer Hanne Sørvaag at the Melodi Grand Prix semi-final in Skien, Norway. She hails from Stavanger, Norway, and now lives in Stockholm, Sweden. Together with well-known Swedish composer Fredrik Kempe she wrote Didrik's entry to the national competition.

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