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Mørland & Debrah Scarlett (Norway): 'No typical europop'

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Early one November morning an SMS appeared on Debrah Scarlett's phone. She was asleep in a hotel room in Switzerland where she was on tour. The message was from Kjetil Mørland who wondered whether she would like to collaborate on a music project with him. Now the pair will represent Norway at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest with the song A Monster Like Me.

Kjetil Mørland comes from Grimstad in Southern Norway but has lived in the United Kingdom for most of his adult life. This has had a huge influence on him as an artist and songwriter. With the British band Absent Elk, Kjetil released the album Caught In The Headlights, produced by Toby Smith from Jamiroquai.

In the autumn of last year, Kjetil moved to Oslo in order to establish himself as a solo artist using the name Mørland. At the moment he is working on his first solo album which is set to be released during 2015.

A Monster Like Me is a dark love ballad written by Kjetil. It is about confronting something unresolved from the past, and about having to let go of the one you love.

Performing the song with him is Debrah Scarlett. Of Norwegian and Swiss origin, Debrah lived in a town called Nittedal north of Oslo until she was five years old, but has lived for the majority of her youth in Switzerland. In the autumn of 2013 she made an impression on many people with her unique voice by taking part in The Voice Norway. Since then she has performed for many people in her two homelands. In August last year she moved back to Norway and is now seriously hoping to kickstart a music career there.

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