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Meet Zlata Ognevich from Ukraine

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Zlata Ognevich is a very beloved celebrity in Ukraine. She is no stranger in the Eurovision Song Contest. Her first attempt was in 2010 where she finished fifth in the Ukrainian national final. Last year, Zlata took part in the Ukrainian national selection with her unique entry The Kukushka but came second. This year, Zlata will have the honour to sing for her country in Malmö. She is looking forward to new experiences, new acquaintances, new emotions and feelings!

Zlata Ognevich was born in the city of Murmansk located in northwest part of Russia. Her father is a military doctor serving on submarine. Her mother is a philologist, a teacher of Russian language and literature.

Zlata's life sharply changed when the family moved to Ukraine, a picturesque city of Crimean's peninsula Sudak. Since then two passions appeared in Zlata's life - the mountains and the sea. And a little bit later the third one - music.

The elements of water and rock attracted Zlata from an her early age. She likes to swim and dive while storms rage at the sea. Being a kid, she frequently ran away from home, spending hours in the rocky cliffs in order to sing, keenly listening to the mountains echoing her voice. Zlata liked the extreme from the childhood: diving into water, she vanished there for a long time; developing the ability to hold her breath that, however, became very useful for her: now she can sing in one breath 5-6 high notes of maximum length.

After finishing two schools, comprehensive and music ones, at the age of 18, Zlata went to Kyiv, where her professional singing career started. Here, at the R.M. Glier Kyiv State Higher Music College, she refined her pop vocal skills. Then she continued her studying in the Kyiv Institute of Music, but that time at the department of jazz.

In the race for success, Zlata gained an invaluable experience in The State Song and Dance Ensemble of the Armed Forces of Ukraine where she is still a solist.

To be a singer in Ukraine is not a unique profession. Without exaggeration you can say that almost everyone sings there. To become famous and show your talent is a very difficult task. But in Zlata's occasion, the "blood code" worked: parental Serbian and maternal Italian roots. This "cocktail" showed the best merits of the singer: the Balkan unrestraint and sense of freedom, the Italian affectivity and beauty, the Ukrainian heartiness and tunefulness. And the severe northern land reflected in Zlata as an indomitable will and pursuit of goals.

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