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Jelena Tomašević: 'My life? Singing and raising up my child'

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What happened to Jelena Tomašević from Serbia, the singer who representated the home country in Belgrade? 'Singing and raising a child, that's my life.'

Jelena had a tough act to follow after Marija Šerifović's victory at the 2007 Song Contest in Helsinki, but she did a great job. She came sixth with the song Oro, composed by Željko Joksimović.

In an interview with she looks back at 'a big experience', as she describes her participation. 'I didn't have a bigger performance yet', she says. 'The best memory was stepping on the stage, and the audience singing with me.' Jelana didn't have the real feeling that she was at the Eurovision Song Contest. 'Because I was in my country, singing in my native language.'

The song Oro is maybe best known by the melody 'Nuna nej, nuna nuna nuna nuna nuna nej'. 'It's very authentic. Everybody knows how to: nuna nej...'

After the Eurovision Song Contest, Jelena released her first CD and she had several hits.

At this moment, Jelena is 31 years old. She is maried to the Serbian actor Ivan Bosiljčić. They have a baby girl, named Nina, who will become two in January. 'That's my life: singing and raising a child.'

Does she want to participate again? 'If I have a good song, a strong song, I'll come back.'

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