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Eurovision This Week: 26 February 2019

Welcome to Eurovision This Week! This is your update of the 26th of February.

On Friday, the German national selection ‘Unser Lied Für Israel took place in Berlin. S!sters won with the song Sister. A Dal in Hungary was won by Joci Pápai who also represented the country at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017. In Ukraine, MARUV won the national selection with ‘Siren Song’. Yesterday it was announced that MARUV and broadcaster UA:PBC didn't come to an agreement for her to be the representative of Ukraine at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. Further information about Ukraine's participation has yet to be announced. In Denmark, Dansk Melodi Grand Prix was won by Leonora with the Love Is Forever. The Lithuanian selection took place on Saturday and was won by Jurijus. Run With The Lions will be the Lithuanian song for Tel Aviv. The deadline for submitting songs is now less then two weeks away. This weekend, Finland, Georgia, Iceland, Norway, Portugal and Moldova will chose their entrants for the Eurovision Song Contest, Belgium will release their entry this Thursday and Serbia will chose their song on Monday. Don’t miss a thing, read the news on and subscribe to the channel!

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