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Eurovision This Week: 2 April 2019

Welcome to Eurovision This Week! This is your update of the 26th of February.

The running order of the two semi-finals was announced today. Find out when your country will perform and make sure to watch the recaps of both Semi-Finals!

After Michael Rice from the United Kingdom met Conan Osiris from Portugal when he travelled to Israel to record his postcard, he went on to Zagreb to perform in a tv show and meet Croatian artist Roko.

This year’s presenting partner of the Eurovision Song Contest, MyHeritage, has launched a Eurovision Look-alike App. Do you want to know who you look like?

Duncan Laurence, who is representing the Netherlands this year, has been busy preparing for his Eurovision experience. We met him in Amsterdam, and his interview will be available later this week.

This weekend, Duncan Laurence and many other participants will perform their songs live at Eurovision In Concert in Amsterdam.

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