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Eurovision Song Celebration 2020 - All 41 songs

It has been an unusual Eurovision year to say the least, so to bring the excitement of the event weeks to your home, we’re pleased to announce 2 special shows will air on the same dates as the Eurovision 2020 Semi-Finals!

The ‘Eurovision Song Celebration’ will premiere online on our YouTube channel on Tuesday 12 and Thursday 14 May at 21:00 CEST.

In place of this year’s Semi-Finals, the two-part “Eurovision Song Celebration” will recognise all 41 participants and their songs in a non-competitive format.

To add to the excitement all the songs will be played out in the official Semi-Final running orders decided by this year’s producers. The Celebration will also showcase what the artists had in store for 2020.

On Tuesday 12 May, the EBU will spotlight the songs that would have been shown in Semi-Final One including host country the Netherlands and 2 of the Big 5 countries: Germany and Italy. The second online show, broadcast on Thursday 14 May, will feature the songs chosen for Semi-Final Two and will include the rest of the Big 5 countries: France, Spain and the United Kingdom.

While there will be no competitive element in these productions, you can still expect many surprises along the way!

In true celebration of all the Eurovision 2020 songs, we encourage you to rally behind your favourite artists and get ready to create an all-out Eurovision Party at home!

To pay tribute to the loyalty of the Eurovision fan base, the Eurovision Song Celebration 2020 shows will include the first-ever Fan Recaps - you too can be a part of Eurovision history. Instead of the classic recap of the participating songs, we invite YOU to sing, dance, jump and party along to your most-loved Eurovision songs of 2020.

How to participate?

May 12 and 14 is getting closer and closer, so start preparing to make yourself Eurovision-ready! Gather your supplies, don your best Eurovision 2020 outfit and prepare the room you will film in by decorating it with flags and props to give it that special Eurovision-feel.

All you need to do is record yourself dancing to the 20-second snippets of all - or a selection - of your favourite acts and your celebration might be featured in the shows.

Technical video specifications:

There is more!

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