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Eurovision Backstage / Day 9: Turquoise Carpet - Eurovision News from Turin 2022

Samya Hafsaoui escorts you behind the scenes with a backstage pass!

Day nine and we’re here at the Turquoise carpet! Eurovision has now officially begun and the stars have brought their best outfits and biggest smiles. Because there are so many countries participating in Eurovision the carpet needs to be large enough to fit all of our talent and the international press. How do you keep up your energy and give your all during an hour long press event? And how do you decide who answers the question when you’re in a big group?

To close our carpet experience, Alesia Michelle was kind enough to want to return to our series to tell us her fashion highlights. And don’t worry, even if we didn’t show our mention your favorite artist, we’ll be posting more footage and wonderful fotos from every single country on our Official social media and on

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