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Eurovision Backstage / Day 14: The Grand Final - Eurovision News from Turin 2022

Samya Hafsaoui escorts you behind the scenes with a backstage pass!

The Grand Final is done and Kalush Orchestra is the winner of Eurovision 2022! But let’s not close this chapter just yet. There’s still some secrets to uncover.

Like who’s the man behind that quick turn around on stage? It’s Richard! Stage Manager and self appointed F1-Speed Supervisor Richard makes sure that all Thank You Europe’s and Grazie A Tutti’s are said and done in time for the next countries to perform. A postcard prop switch? No problem for our stage crew.

Furthermore, where do the artists come from during the Flag Parade? Well, thanks to our multi-functional Sun they are held behind the stage and on stage! You’ll have seen Laura Pausini perform but what you didn’t see was about 25 countries getting ready to show their best smiles to our cameras out of sight on stage.

Last but not least of course, our Eurovision 2022 winner’s reaction. Congratulations to Kalush Orchestra winning to contest for Ukraine, and a massive thank you to all of our artists performing in this year’s Eurovision.

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Presenter: Samya Hafsaoui
Camera & Edit: Roy Etman

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