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Elina & Stig (Estonia): 'We are two pretty different persons'

Posted 15 April, 2015, 21:36

Powered by: http://www.eurovision.tv Opposites attract... Elina is a temperamental small town girl who enjoys city life and would like to travel to Africa to pet giraffes. The even-tempered Stig would rather go to Antarctica. Unlike Elina, he grew up in the challenging side of the city. But today he would rather live in the countryside, where he can write music in peace. Three years ago Estonia's hottest songwriter Stig stumbled across a young girl's video on YouTube, where she was singing Christina Aguilera's song Cruz. It was Elina. "I was completely charmed by her musicality", remarks Stig. Elina was at school when a message from the famous songwriter blipped into her inbox on Facebook. "To be honest, I started crying. It took me a couple of days to gather the courage to write back," Elina recalls. The rest is history. 79% can't be wrong. That was the huge win that Estonian voters handed Goodbye to Yesterday. The same song that waited for years in Stig's drawer for just the right moment and just the right partner.

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