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"Cyprus" Eurovision Song Contest 2010

Posted 10 July 2010 at 16:21

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Jon Lilygreen & The Islanders took the job of representing not the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest as you might presume knowing they're Welsh, but Cyprus. They managed very well and brought the tiny island a spot in the Final with their Life Looks Better In Spring.
Who are they?
It's amazing what you can do over the internet these days and no one knows this better than Cypriot song writers Nasos Lambrianides and Melis Konstantinou.
After penning a song called Life Looks Better In Spring they decided to enter it in the Cyprus selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010. But they had a problem -- they didn't have anyone to produce it OR sing it.
So, like most people these days who are looking for something -- they went online and hit the world-wide-web jackpot! Their surfing led them to Wales in the UK and to music producer Jon Gregory. Jon suggested that the song writers take a look at an online demo of musician Jon Lilygreen. They did, and they were blown away with his natural talent and invited him to sing for Cyprus. It was from there that Jon Lilygreen and the Islanders were born.
Jon Lilygreen is 22 years old and comes from Wales in the United Kingdom. He is a professional working musician who has been involved with many styles of old and contemporary music.
As well as singing, Jon composes his own songs and is a very talented guitar player. He is well known in his home town of Newport where he performs acoustic sets at local clubs.

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