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A message from Celine

As a young girl, the Canadian Céline Dion won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1988 on behalf of Switzerland, with the power ballad Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi. Twenty years later, the 40-year old singer is one of the world's biggest music stars. Between 2003 and 2007, she nearly sold out all 600 shows at the 4,000-seats Ceasar Palace in Las Vegas.

The woman in the video - even though realistic - is not Celine Dion, but entertainer Laura Landauer, who has recently received world wide attention for her spot-on portrayal of the Canadian singer, in particular for her video The Celine Dion Workout. She also does impersonations of Cher & EllaVis (Elvis had he been born a woman).

Her short films have appeared across North America and Europe on several television shows including Entertainment Tonight, and have wide viewer ship online. She co-wrote the one woman show Celine Speaks, which she performed at the Toronto Fringe Festival. The show is a concert/play and parody about Celine's day to day life.

Originally from Montreal, she studied theatre at Dawson College in Montreal and is currently living in Toronto.

Production by Gregory B. Miller.

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