Ahoy Arena
Ahoy Arena Photo: Rotterdam Ahoy

The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will take place at the event venue Rotterdam Ahoy. The Main show will take place in the Ahoy Arena.

Rotterdam Ahoy has 6 event halls and a conference and meeting centre (which encompass over 300,000 m2) and would have been home to the Ahoy Arena where the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 will take place. The spaces around the Ahoy Arena were supposed to be used for press, artist dressing rooms, catering, VIP areas and the other technical needs of the Contest.

Since 1971, the venue has been proud host of numerous large-scale events, such as the MTV European Music Awards in 1997 and 2016, the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2007, the annual North Sea Jazz Festival and many more.

Ahoy Arena

The Ahoy Arena is an iconic venue and the most well-known hall of Rotterdam Ahoy. It has a capacity of 16,424 visitors and a height of 30 metres, with a free rigging height of 22,5 metres.

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