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Tickets for Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool

On this page you'll find information on:

  • A second wave of tickets for the Live Shows
  • Tickets for displaced people from Ukraine
  • Tickets for peripheral events such as EuroClub, EuroVillage, etc
  • Remaining tickets for the Hospitality Suites
  • Further information about the types of Shows

Page updated 24 April 2023 at 20:00 CEST

Last remaining tickets for the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest

A second wave of tickets for the 67th Eurovision Song Contest went on sale from 13:00 CEST on Monday 24 April.

A fresh batch of tickets were made available for all 9 of the live shows. The majority of these have now sold out, but there are still a small number of tickets remaining. 

You can find further information on the sale of the last remaining tickets right here

Tickets for displaced people from Ukraine...

The Government of the United Kingdom has taken applications for a ballot of tickets for displaced people from Ukraine for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. More information can be found here.

Tickets for peripheral events, including EuroClub, EuroVillage, etc...

For ticketing information about peripheral events in Liverpool (including EuroClub, EuroVillage, Big Eurovision Welcome, and more), please visit the What's On? page.

Tickets for Hospitality Suites...

Hospitality Suites, each accommodating up to 12 people are still available to purchase – these packages include:

  • Dedicated entrance 
  • Access to suite from 2 hours before show to 30 minutes after show 
  • Private lounge area 
  • Fantastic views of the stage and arena 
  • Inclusive food and beverages (including champagne and canapés on arrival, three course grazing menu including dessert and cheese, drinks package including beer, house wines, spirits with mixers, cocktails and champagne
  • Dedicated Suite host 
  • 12 x Official Programmes

Visit to find out more.

For more information, FAQs and terms and conditions, head to 

Further information

The BBC have chosen to use digital tickets only (which includes a dynamic QR code – which refreshes with a new code every few seconds). 

Ticketmaster’s ticket transfer option has also been switched off (this option enables purchasers of tickets to transfer their tickets into the names of others) in order to reduce the ability to resell tickets at inflated prices.  

Purchasers who wish to resell their tickets can do so at face value through Ticketmaster’s Fan to Fan Resale platform. 

Any tickets proven to be breaching terms and conditions of sale can be invalidated. For more details on the processes Ticketmaster use please contact Ticketmaster UK.

The United Kingdom Government have made 3,000 tickets available for those Ukrainians who have been forced from their homes and are living in the UK - meaning they can attend one of the Live Shows and help mark the Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra's victory at last year’s Contest. More details will be released on how to apply for the tickets soon. 

The Shows

First Semi-Final
Evening Preview ShowMonday 8 May, 20:00 BST
Afternoon Preview ShowTuesday 9 May, 13:30 BST
Live TV ShowTuesday 9 May, 20:00 BST
Second Semi-Final
Evening Preview ShowWeds 10 May, 20:00 BST
Afternoon Preview ShowThursday 11 May, 13:30 BST
Live TV ShowThursday 11 May, 20:00 BST
Grand Final
Evening Preview ShowFriday 12 May, 20:00 BST
Afternoon Preview ShowSaturday 13 May, 13:00 BST
Live TV ShowSaturday 13 May, 20:00 BST

*all shows listed in local time (BST)

There are 9 shows in total

The Evening Preview Show (referred to as the ‘Jury Show’ at previous Contests) is a full run through of the show that takes place the night before the televised version. In the case of the Grand Final, it’s when the international juries cast their votes for the participants. Audiences can stay for a randomized version of the qualifier/points reveals, as the presenters practice for different scenarios.

The Afternoon Preview Show (referred to as the ‘Family Show’ at previous Contests) is a full run through of the show that takes place earlier in the day of the Live TV Show; it serves as one final rehearsal for the artists and crew, and as the name suggests, it’s much more convenient for those who wish to bring younger Eurovision fans. Again, the Afternoon Preview Show features a randomly generated presentation of the qualifiers and points.

The Live TV Show is exactly that: a live television show. Audiences across Europe (and Australia) will get to cast their votes. No randomizations this time - it's all for real!

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