14, 16 & 18 May 2019



Being there live while Europe and the world are watching how the most exciting music competition is unfolding is an experience of a lifetime!

The final wave of tickets for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest has gone on sale at 11:00 CEST on Thursday 5th April. Tickets for the Grand Final live show are sold out, tickets for other live shows and dress rehearsals may be available in small numbers. For availability, visit the official ticketing partner BlueTicket.pt.
BlueTicket operate a system called Queue-It, which is used to sell tickets for many of the biggest events in the world. It prevents the site from crashing if all users accessed the queue for the ticket selling platform simultaneously. The system randomises those who arrive on the website before the release time into a queue, it then positions all those who join following release time behind them in the queue. Fans are welcome to join the website whenever they wish however those who log on hours ahead of release time have the same opportunity as those who join moments before.
It is strongly recommended that tickets are purchased through the official ticketing partner.