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Zoli Ádok surprises with well-known designer

Posted 15 April 2009 at 17:16

"Tamas is a celebrated designer and wearing his costumes is a huge honour for me," Zoli says. "I am really happy that such an excellent team works on our performance."
Tamas Naray is a maximalist and an uncompromising man. That is why the well-known designer also pays great attention to the Hungarian costumes. "Besides of creating glamorous costumes we also have to focus on the feeling of this up-tempo song," says Naray. "Our performers should manage to show the best in these costumes." As costume designer of the European Champion in figure skating, Julia Sebestyen, he exactly knows what kind of garments meet all of these extreme requirements.
Although Naray is a well-recognized designer in the European fashion world he regards this task as a great challenge.

Winter palace and dogs on catwalks

"Luxurious richness and closed form design of the pravo-slavic tsars’ culture is blossomed out in a modern interpretation: empire waistline, fine materials and ornaments like a jewel," with these words Naray described his Russian collection called Winter Palace which was presented in his last fashion show.
It seems to be strange, but he likes dogs to star on the catwalk, so a Russian greyhound accompanied his model on the runway in his fashion show during the Russian tour.
Zoli will take the stage in the second Semi-Final of this year's Europe's favourite TV-show on the 12th of May in Moscow.
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