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Željko Joksimović presents Nije Ljubav Stvar

Posted 10 March 2012 at 21:52

The much awaited Serbian entry was finally revealed tonight in a show called The European Song. Serbian superstar Željko Joksimović teased and tantalised the audience ahead of demonstrating his brilliance before revealing the Serbian entry Nije Ljubav Stvar.
There is no doubt that Željko Joksimović is the most prominent name associated with Europe's Favourite TV Show in the 2000's. He himself finished in second place in the 2004 edition with Lane Moje.
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He returned two years later as composer of the entry for Bosnia & Herzegovina, Lejla performed by Hari Mata Hari.
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In 2008 when Belgrade hosted the Eurovision spectacular, Željko was again composer , this time of the Serbian entry Oro performed by JelenaTomašević and Bora Dugić, and he was also co host of the contest.
Now Željko is ready to carry the title home to Belgrade, and transfer the title back to it's spiritual home of the Beogradska Arena.
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