Zdob şi Zdub (Moldova) 2nd press conference

Apart from rehearsing So Lucky, the members of the Moldovan folklore-hard rock band took time to go sightseeing in Düsseldorf. “Everyone recognised us and started throwing flowers at us. One person even tried to steal my hat,” says Roman.   

Moldovans are huge fans of the event, adds Head of Delegation Vitalie Cojocaru. “The Eurovision Song Contest is probably the most popular competition. We manage a 50-percent share of the TV audience. And most of the viewers are young people.”

Asked where the band would expect votes to come from, Roman coolly responds: “Countries where they’re wearing hats like ours because it’s snowing.” They are most influenced by bands like The Stooges and the Sex Pistols, film maker Terry Gilliam is among their favourites too. But of course they know Düsseldorf’s very own punk band Die Toten Hosen. “And if they see us in the Eurovision Song Contest, they might even change their opinion about the event”, Roman quips.

What is the sextet up to in the coming days? Some of them will meet up with family who will support them, others are seeking people with whom to play football (possibly the Greeks), the trumpet requires repairing after an intense rehearsal and the bass guitar needs some tender love and care because it feels neglected due to all the semi-playback.  


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