Yüksek Sadakat (Turkey) 2nd Press Conference

Lead vocalist Kenan Vural explained that the first rehearsal was mainly about the sound. No sound elements were changed today, but various staging and choreographical elements were added. Kenan also revealed that the band practice each day in “a special place” in their hotel.

Kenan mentioned that he is on a diet to stay in shape for the event, since being at his ideal weight helps him to be more flexible and perform better on stage.

The band acknowledged that they have many supporters in Germany, given that 3 million of Europe's 5 million Turks live in Germany. This might help to explain why Germany is often generous in awarding points to Turkey, but the band expressed the hope that they had other non-Turkish fans in Germany as well.

Band members were asked to name their all-time favourite Eurovision song. Abba's 'Waterloo' was mentioned twice. Another professed admiration for the songs of Ireland's Johnny Logan.

 Kenan believes that one feature that distinguishes Yüksek Sadakat from other Turkish bands is the fact that the band actually writes and composes the songs they perform. “Having our own music, our own words and sounds makes us unique. There are many people in Turkey with wonderful voices, but not all of them write their own stuff.”

The band plans to take a vacation after the Eurovision contest to recharge and then release their third album. If they do well in the Contest, they are also very open to the idea of doing an album in English. As guitarist Serkan Özgen puts it:  “If we get good points why not? We can make an Engl LP. We love singing English songs as well.” The band has greatly enjoyed its previous tour of several countries and is looking forward to doing more concerts.

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