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You'll be flying with Valentina from San Marino

Posted 8 May 2013 at 11:05

Valentina Monetta seemed to be very relaxed prior to her rehearsal on stage in the Malmö Arena, having been through the same procedures in Baku a year ago.
Someone else who is very experienced in the Eurovision Song Contest is composer Ralph Siegel, who told us that he is so much happier with everything this year, as last year just about everything that could go wrong happened. His collaboration with Valentina on this song started straight away after the disappointment in Baku.
{Video#YT, id: wMFIJaKrQKw}
At the opening Crisalide (Vola), Valentina is sitting crouched on the stage clutching the globe lit lamp in her arms. She is wearing the red dress that has featured in the video, (and in her promotional performances recently), with a black net shawl covering it for the first half of the song.
Once the tempo changes, she discards the shawl, with the help of her two backing dancers, and the red dress is revealed in all its glory. Red by now is very much the dominating colour in the lighting and in the effects, and Valentina brings the song to a rousing climax.
This year the San Marino delegation are feeling very optimistic about their chances of qualifying for the Grand Final.
After their busy morning of rehearsals, Valentina Monetta travelled to the Euroclub to meet the press at the Euroclub.
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