Yohanna: No math, want to become singer!

On her website she posted answers to some questions sent by fans. Did you know what her boyfriend is like or what was it like to be in the Icelandic team? Read all of that below.

One thing that I noticed was the great spirit in the Iceland team during the Eurovision Song Contest. Looking at the video from the Iceland party at the Ambassador's, you all seemed to have so much fun and really enjoy it.

We were very much focused on sticking together and to have a great team spirit from the beginning. The rehersals in Iceland went great and we had a lot of laugh and in Moscow we always sang together in the bus Is It True, of course. Before we went to stage we made a circle and held hands.

Did you want to become a singer yourself, or your parents influenced on your decision?

I have always wanted to be a singer, nobody has ever influenced me to do anything I didn‘t want to do, but of course I have been influenced in a good way by many people such as my mom who sang a lot for me when I was little and played me all kinds of music and introduced me to all kind of singers. I even started to sing before I started talking. My mom has often told me, that in first grade I told my teacher that I didn´t have to learn math because I wanted to be a singer!

Did you always want to make "pop" music or have you also thought about other genres?

I have always been a fan of pop music, especially the “diva” kind of music (Celine Dion, Whitney Huston, Aretha Franklin and so on) but I would still like  to try other genres in the future, I love rock music, jazz and blues as well, and I hope I will get the chance  to try out those genres someday.

I'm curious, which of your own songs do you like most?

Butterflies And Elvis is really close to my heart. I wrote it in Los Angeles, I had been there for two months  and I was feeling very lonely because I was alone there, working, and my boyfriend was in Iceland. At that time I got really inspired to write a song about him, so I sat down with my co-writer and out came Butterflies And Elvis. It has been my favourite ever since.

Would you like to tell us something about your boyfriend? Who is this lucky boy? How long do you know him?

Well, he is twenty years old, tall with dark hair! Very handsome and very funny. Besides that he is supportive. We talk about music and listen to music a lot, he plays the guitar not in a band or anything but just for fun. We have known each other since we were kids because he used to live next door!  

You can find more of her answers on Yohanna's website. By the way, did you know that she's also planning a European tour for this autumn? 

Yohanna got the second place in the 54th Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow this year with Is It True.

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