Yohanna happy about meeting Mika

Like Eurovision.tv has reported before, Yohanna's career is going very strong after her performance at Europe's favourite TV-show in Moscow. She's  been performing at many places and has even starred in an Icelandic oat serial commercial!

"I do love the opportunity touring gives you, to travel from country to country, seeing brilliant new people and beautiful cities. I have met so many of you yet I haven't had nearly as much time as I would like to see you all at the shows," she said. 

Meeting Mika!

She has also had the chance to meet a lot of exciting people. Amongst others, Mika, the pop-sensation known for his hits Grace Kelly, Love Today, Happy Ending, Big Girls and Billy Brown

"He was great, so much fun, we had a little chat and he's very friendly and he even knew some of my songs, how fantastic," Yohanna was very happy.

By the way, Mika has also expressed his desire to participate at the Eurovision Song Contest in the past! Currently, he's about to release a new album The Boy Who Knew Too Much in September.

Yohanna is working on releasing her album Butterflies And Elvis in more countries! Keep on checking your record stores for it! The young singer represented Iceland at this year's Eurovision Song Contest and was the runner-up with her song Is It True?, giving Iceland its best placing in ten years.

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