Yohanna: Eurovision was perfect!

"Eurovision [Song Contest] was fantastic and it was a lot bigger than the past few years. So professional and I mean, perfect. I look back on it as a perfect time," the young singer Yohanna told Eurovision.tv.  She was also very positive about the new voting system introduced this year by the European Broadcasting Union. "I think it's wonderful, I think it's great, I really do!"

Would she recommend participating at Europe's favourite TV-show? "If you do well it's the best promotion you could ever get. just the experience of being there, being a part of such a big and professional experience!" she told us.

You want to know who were her favourites this year? About which country did she say: "I was very surprised that they didn't go through. That's why I was really nervous at the Semi-Final because they hadn't been called up yet and not me either. I was like 'it's gonna be him, not gonna be me' and then I was and I was 'what? why is he not through?'" What are her future plans, how it all affected her personal life and how people reacted on her placing back home in the video clip below.


Yohanna achieved the second place at the Final of the 54th Eurovision Song Contest with her Is It True? and winning the first Semi-Final. It was Iceland's best placing in ten years.

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