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Ilinca and Alex from Romania: "Yodeling is a very feel-good thing"

02 May 2017 at 17:55 CEST
Romania rehearsals Andres Putting
Ilinca and Alex, representing Romania at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest with their song Yodel it!, came to Kyiv with a message: To urge everyone to share their emotions. met Ilinca and Alex warming up on their way to the dressing room. The two singers had never met each other before entering the Eurovision Song Contest. 

Chemistry is a powerful thing

The idea to put Ilinca together with Alex came from Mihai Alexandru, the composer of the song. Although Alex is a rocker, his voice and versatile style boosted the energy of Yodel It! and the song captures the fun, out-going nature of the pair.

The duo are enjoying working together. "She’s beautiful," said Alex with a smile. Ilinca added: "I like the fact that when Alex is on the stage he is a real artist, he does everything!" 

On a musical journey

Alex took acting lessons before changing direction into becoming a musician. "I decided that I have to be an actual artist with the whole package," he said. Alex has now managed to combine his two passions of music and acting.

Ilinca was brought up in a family of professional musicians and taught herself to yodel by watching videos on YouTube. "When I heard yodeling for the first time I thought it was really funny," Ilinca recalled.       

Shout out your emotions!

Overwhelmed with energy and diverse feelings Ilinca and Alex strive to express themselves and find freedom within music. By performing Yodel it! the singers express their emotions and feelings. "Yodelling is a very feel-good thing to do," explained Ilinca. 

Ilinca and Alex's colourful performance features two glittery cannons. Which according to the singers, represent an "explosion of love and happiness". Alex added that the concept reinforces the message of love. "It's about making love, not war," he explained. 

During the first rehearsal Alex fell off one of the cannons but he dusted himself off and continued with the rehearsal. 

What’s next?  

Despite enjoying the collaboration the artists aim to concentrate on their respective solo careers. That said, the pair were already asked by fans to record another song together. "Probably you will hear us together after Eurovision", Alex revealed. 

Ilinca and Alex's next rehearsal will take place on Friday, 5th of May. Romania will participate in the second Semi-Final on Thursday, 11th of May.