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Greece's Yianna Terzi delivers on the rehearsal stage

30 April 2018 at 14:10 CEST
Greece rehearsal Andres Putting
Greece's Yianna Terzi took to the rehearsal stage to sing her song 'Oniro Mou' for the first time today. Dressed in a gown evocative of a Greek goddess, she delivered an all-powerful rendition of her Eurovision entry.

Yianna was born in a musical family in 1980 and began performing as a professional singer herself in 2005. After releasing several successful albums she relocated from Greece to the United States 9 years ago and worked her way into the studio with Grammy Award winning composers. Yianna wrote and composed Oniro Mou alongside Aris Kalimeris, Michalis Papathanasiou and Dimitris Stamatiou.   

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Dazzling the stage in a flowing, white gown, Yianna conveyed a dramatic first performance of Oniro Mou. Using her wide sleeves for emphasis, she commanded the stage alone, without dancers or backing vocalists. The simple blue lighting, which turns to red and orange part way through the song, can't help but draw your attention to her.

When you look closely, it's hard not to notice that Yianna's left hand has been painted blue. When asked about the choice backstage, she revealed to "The song has a reference ''in the blue''; blue represents the blue sky of Greece, the ocean, what Greece is known for. And because it is a diaolgue between Greece and Greeks, and devoted to the country, I wanted to symbolize the Greek blue".

Yianna will take the stage again for the second round of rehearsals on Thursday, 3rd of May. Greece will participate in the first Semi-Final on Tuesday, 8th of May. 

What do you think of Yianna's first rehearsal? Will Greece make it to the Grand Final? Leave your review in the comments!