Wrap-up: Serbia's dream duo brought them far

Who are they?

Milan Stanković shot to fame from a Pop Idol-like contest in Serbia. The 22-year-old star achieved victory at almost every stage of the contest back in 2007. Since that year he's become very successful, known for his eccentric dressing style and distinctive looks.

His debut album, Solo, sold quickly 50,000 copies and brought him a lot of fans. He leaves no one indifferent - some love him, others challenge his fame. But one thing is certain - the media and the fans follow closely his every step.

His song was written by the renowned composer Goran Bregović. He's been called the founding father of Yugoslav rock scene. Besides being very successful in music, he's also a famous film director, having received many prestigious awards. His song Djurdjevdan, as well as some other of his compositions, are known in the history of film as a light motive from the cult film Borat.

He's also composed music for theatre and has even written an opera, called Karmen with a Happy Ending. Until now it has been performed more than 150 times in metropolis all over the world.

Goran Bregović is an honorary citizen of Buenos Aires, Athens and Tirana. He was also granted an honorary doctorate by the British University of Sheffield.

What the fans thought?

"One of my favourites this year ! well done Serbia!" a fan from Greece said. 

"I absolutely love the Balkan sound and flavour to this song. Great composer and great singer in Milan - he is very charismatic on stage and brings the song to life." said Gary from Ireland. 

They finished 13th in the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest with Ovo Je Balkan, gathering 72 points and 5th in the first Semi-Final, held four nights before.

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How did it all start?

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But in Oslo…

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You can expect more wrap-up articles from us about the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest participants. Stay tuned!

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