Wrap-up: Poland's classy ballade

Who is Lidia Kopania?

Lidia is a versatile singer, endowed with a very warm and at the same time strong voice, with a very broad – four-octave vocal range. Her last record was written by people who're responsible for stars like Phil Collins, Michael Jackson and Christina Aguilera.

"This woman has one awesome voice, and have no doubt she will do very well," was a fan from New Zealand sure. Another fan from Russia added:"This is a very beautiful song, so nice and so hearty. You must be in the Final!"

Lidia's heartwarming song and performance was appreciated by the televoters and she got 43 points and placed twelfth in the second Semi-Final. That, unfortunately, wasn't enough to be qualified for the Final of Europe's favourite TV-show.

Check out who exactly is Lidia Kopania by clicking on her Artist Profile.

How did it all start?

Now in Moscow...



Poland was very successful last year when they sent the American singer Isis Gee with her own-written For Life. She qualified for the Final in Belgrade and finished 24th.

How will their national selection look in 2010? How will they do in Oslo? Find all of that out right here at Eurovision.tv!

You can expect more wrap-up articles from us about the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest participants. Stay tuned!

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