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Wrap-up: Latvia worried about traffic jams 'in the heart'

Posted 7 July 2009 at 10:11

Who is Intars Busulis?

Intars Busulis is one of the most popular and professional artists and entertainers in Latvia. In 2008, Intars along with composer Kārlis Lācis released his first solo album with original songs in Russian and Latvian. He performed songs from the album in concerts across Latvia. For months, one of his songs, Brīvdiena topped radio and TV charts. In 2009, he’s already received several important Latvian musical awards and is working on a new solo album in English.
"Latvia! Good luck! You are the best!" a fan from Russia supported their Baltic neighbour. A Finnish fan shared the excitement: "Good luck, Latvia! I like your entry this year, it's even better than last year's!"
His performance earned him seven points and thus he finished nineteenth in the second Semi-Final. That got him stuck in the Eurovision Song Contest traffic and did not reach the Final, unfortunately.
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How did it all start?


Now in Moscow...



Latvia has been quite successful since first entering Europe's favourite TV-show in 2000 with Brainstorm's My Star which placed third. In the meantime they've won the contest in 2002 with Marie N's I Wanna and have qualified almost every year for the Final.
How will their national selection look in 2010? How will they do in Oslo? Find all of that out right here at Eurovision.tv!
This was the last of the wrap-up articles about the participants of this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Read them all by clicking on our Wrap-Up section. However, more news are on their way! Stay tuned!
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