Josh - That Sounds Good To Me (United Kingdom 2010)
Josh - That Sounds Good To Me (United Kingdom 2010)

Wrap-up: Josh had the chance of a lifetime

Who is he?

Josh Dubovie is nineteen years old, comes from Essex in England and will be the United Kingdom's hope in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.

Josh has been singing since he was little. Aged nine Josh attended the StageAbility Drama school at weekends and as an after school activity. The school concentrated mainly on acting, but they also put on musical theatre shows like The King And I and My Fair Lady.

Aged fifteen Josh was given the part of Enjolras in the school production of Les Miserables. As he had never sung before he went to see a vocal coach. Josh instantly fell in love with singing swing and his coach encouraged him to put on showcases of his music. When Josh left school his father, Richard, decided to manage him and has got him the majority of his professional work.

In 2009, Josh starred as Riff in StageAbility’s production of West Side Story.

Josh believes he has his mum's voice and his dad's confidence. He has performed at countless festivals and sports events and now works as a professional singer.

What the fans thought?

" I love this entry, keep singing it all the time! So catchy and uptempo!" said Jim Sid from Greece.  "Nice one UK! Good Luck!," said another Greek fan, Drago X. He finished 25th in the Final of the Eurovision Song Contest with 10 points.

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How did it all start?

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But in Oslo…

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You can expect more wrap-up articles from us about the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest participants. Stay tuned!

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