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Wrap-up: Greece's superstar rocked Moscow

01 June 2009 at 15:48 CEST

Who is Sakis Rouvas?

After twenty top-selling CDs & DVDs, fifteen awards in leading Music Awards categories and two films, Sakis Rouvas is undoubtedly the ultimate pop star in Greece with great international appeal. "He has an amazing voice and very very good performance as we all know!," was a Greek supporter happy about Sakis representing his country. "Wondeful song and Sakis is a real star! My votes are for you Sakis!" a Turkish fan was sure.

Sakis earned points all over Europe for his grandiose show and got 120 points - nine points behind Estonia - and earned a respectable seventh place. Check out who is Sakis Rouvas by clicking on his Artist Profile.

How did it all start?

Now in Moscow...

After the Shows?



Sakis had already represented Greece in 2004 and hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 in Athens. Greece has been very successful the past decade in Europe's favourite TV-show, winning in 2005. How will their national selection look in 2010? How will they do in Oslo? Find all of that out right here at!

You can expect more wrap-up articles from us about the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest participants. Stay tuned!