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Wrap-up: Charming ethnic entry from Slovakia

14 July 2010 at 11:04 CEST

Who is she?

Kristína Peláková started her singing carrier with the single I'm Yours in 2007. One year later she released a debut album, which went platinum in her country. Her song videos reached 5,000,000 hits on YouTube! At the beginning of summer 2009 she started to work on her second album, from which the first single became number one that summer. At this moment her Eurovision Song Contest entry Horehronie is the number one radio hit in Slovakia. In the national rounds her winning was virtually uncontested as in the final round she received nearly 40 per cent of public votes.

Her song was written by Martin Kavulič, who's a famous composer in Slovakia. He specialises in pop and dance music, but he likes other genres too. Apart from producing he also plays guitar and piano. His co-operation with Kristina began a couple of years ago.

The lyrics of the song are written by Kamil Peteraj. He is a legendary Slovak poet, lyricist and screenwriter. He is well-known not only in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, but also in other nearby countries. He's the winner of the Slovak prestigious Pen Club Award as well as other literary awards.

Kamil Peteraj published 18 poetry books and is one of the best-selling Slovak poet. During his career he also wrote TV scripts and the movie song lyrics. He is considered to be the greatest lyrics writer in Slovakia, having released around 40 albums and selling more than 3 millions copies.

What the fans thought?

"Slovakia definitely have the winning combination this year. Kristína Peláková is surely at her best in this particular version. The dance routine is closely related to the topic of the lyrics." said Mundu-Sammut from Australia. 

"This must be the best ethno pop song for years!" added a Finnish fan.

They finished 16th in the first Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest with 37 points.

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How did it all start?

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But in Oslo…

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You can expect more wrap-up articles from us about the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest participants. Stay tuned!