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Wrap-up: Belarus had 'eyes that never lied'

23 June 2009 at 12:21 CEST

Who is Petr Elfimov?

When he was eleven, Petr heard the famous British band Queen for the first time, and forever fell in love with rock music. He was overwhelmed by the unlikely harmony between the harsh instrumental sound and the incredible vocal polyphony. His admiration with the vocal capabilities of Ian Gillan inspired a spiritual journey into the creative heritage of Andrew Lloyd Webber.

"Great voice! You can hear he learned singing for many years. Didn't know him before, but he sounds really super! A very strong, powerful voice and what I like is that you can at least understand what he's singing!" a Dutch fan said. A Hungarian fan added:"I really love this song! Very good choice, I hope and trust that it will be in the top ten!"

Petr collected finally the thirteenth place in the televoting with his Eyes That Never Lie and thus did not qualify for the Final. By the way, did you know that the winner of this year's Europe's favourite TV-show, Alexander Rybak was also born in Belarus?

Check out who exactly is Petr Elfimov on his Artist Profile.

How did it all start?

Now in Moscow...



Last year Belarus also didn't qualify for the Final with Ruslan Alehno's Hasta La Vista. How will their national selection look in 2010? How will they do in Oslo? Find all of that out right here at!

You can expect more wrap-up articles from us about the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest participants. Stay tuned!