Wogan: Eurovision 'a flawless show'

The famous TV and radio host, Sir Terry Wogan stepped down from his position as the British commentator for the Eurovision Song Contest last year after 28 years. Now talked to Radio Times about his experience of watching the show privately on TV for the first time in years. 

According to him Europe's favourite TV-show in Moscow was 'a spectacular show without a flaw in it'.

"Contrary to what is often believed I love [the] Eurovision [Song Contest], or I couldn't have presented it for as long as I did," he said.

Wogan was also very pleased with his successor in the prestigious job, Graham Norton and praised the new voting system. "This year they sorted the voting out, and I thought Graham Norton was excellent. People have said his approach was rather like mine, and all I can say is I take that as a compliment."

Wogan announced his retirement last year after the Eurovision Song Contest was held in Belgrade, Serbia.

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