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Wogan and Winkleman host UK final

15 February 2008 at 02:27 CET

The BBC communicated six acts will compete in three categories. The best from each category will proceed to a second round, along with the lucky loser who receives a wildcard. In this second round, two more acts will be eliminated, leaving two acts to battle for the UK ticket to Belgrade.

Claudia Winkleman made her Eurovision debut as co-host of the first ever Eurovision Dance Contest in September last year. On the 1st of March, Winkleman will host Eurovision - Your Decision with Sir Terry Wogan, the long time TV commentator of the BBC's Eurovision Song Contest and host of several national selection shows over the years. Last year, Wogan caused commotion after declaring the wrong act as winner of the national final - instead of Scooch, Wogan declared Cindy as winner of Making Your Mind Up 2007.

More details on the six acts taking part in Eurovision - Your Decision will be announced next week, the website reports.