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Witloof Bay (Belgium) 2nd press conference

06 May 2011 at 21:02 CEST

They start with a full draft version since they work on their songs like professional orchestra singers with full written sheet music - nothing is spontaneous at this stage. But then, in the process of perfoming their initial version, they start to brainstorm and make modifications until the song takes its final form.

When the band entered the Eurovision Song Contest, they were in the process of writing new songs as well as covers for an album, but basically put that project on hold to compete in the contetst. They plan to return to working on their album after the contest and release their album early next year.

The band felt much better in their second rehearsal, having initially been very impressed - but also a bit intimidated - by the large stage. Says tenor Nicolas Dorian: “It was huge and impressive and you feel very small. Now we just tried to enjoy ourselves a bit more and to show how great it is to be on that big stage.”

Nicolas also explains that it is important to connect and focus intently on one another in an a capella band and that after completing sound checks and technical procedures the group like to give one another a quick hug and kiss just before going out on stage to reestablish their strong connection.

The band did not want to make reference to the political situation in Belgium, saying only that the members come from all regions of Belgium and that they are proof “that unity can work”.

Nicolas declined to speculate about the band's chances: Because we're doing such a different style and different type of singing, we cant really predict how far we will go. If it surprises people and people vote for us, then great, but it's impossible to predict.”