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Winner's Press Conference with the Netherlands' Duncan Laurence

19 May 2019 at 02:48 CEST
Duncan Laurence from the Netherlands at his winner's press conference. Andres Putting
For the 5th time in Eurovision history, the Netherlands have won the Eurovision Song Contest! After his victory was confirmed, 'Arcade' singer Duncan Laurence appeared in front of hundreds of journalists from around the world at the Winner's Press Conference to tell them about his experience.

After a thrilling voting sequence, the Netherlands' Duncan Laurence was announced as the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest winner with 492 points. The Netherlands scored 231 from the jury and 261 from the international televotes. Immediately after his victory, Duncan appeared at a press conference at Expo Tel Aviv to share his victory with fans and journalists. He was met by a standing ovation.

"My dream came true, it really came true."

Duncan told the crowd that, as the votes were being announced, his heart was beating incredibly hard: "I'm glad I'm still here" he joked. "The votes take a long time. Next year we shouldn't do that, you could get a heart attack from it". He went on to acknowledge that a moment like that can not be put into words.

To kick off the press conference, Duncan was asked about being open about sexuality and what advice he would give the LGBT community. "I think the most important thing, of course, is to stick to who you are and see yourself as I see myself - a human being who has talents, who can do things. Stick to what you love even if you have a different sexuality, love people and love each other for who they are".

"Dream big, always"

Looking forwards, Duncan spoke about his future plans. He shared that he exchanged numbers with John Lundvik, Sweden's 2019 singer, so that they could write together in the future. He also shared that, of all the past Eurovision artists, he would like to collaborate with Måns Zelmerlöw the most. "I like his voice and his vibe".

What does Duncan want his Eurovision legacy to be? That answer came quickly to him: focus on the music. "When you believe in your music, when you believe in your artistry, really believe in the artistry and the hard work, do it".

"You really created a moment on that stage"

In keeping with tradition, Jon Ola Sand, the Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of the EBU, turned to Duncan to congratulate him on his victory. Jon Ola then handed the Dutch Head of Delegation, Emilie Sickinghe, a start-up kit for the Broadcaster, a folder containing the information needed to start preparing next year’s Eurovision Song Contest in the Netherlands. He then ensured that the EBU would stand behind them all the way. “You really created a moment on that stage, it really touched both the audience and the jury members who voted for you”.

"At what point did you dare to dream you could win it?"

Unsurprisingly, Duncan was asked more than once about how he felt about being the favourite to win for so long. "I started one year ago as an ordinary singer-songwriter writing songs in his bedroom, and here I am now". In response to a question about when he dared to dream this moment could happen, Duncan said: “I didn’t dare to dream to win this trophy, because this is Eurovision and anything can happen, and that’s why I love Eurovision. But it happened, the predictions came true, but still I kept seeing them as predictions. [The win] is the result of the hard work as a team".

"When I was singing the second time, after I won, and when confetti was coming down, I thought about that line of my song, “a small town boy in a big arcade”. I was in that very moment.