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Winners' Press Conference, Second Semi-Final

13 May 2011 at 10:49 CEST

Estonia   8th

Romania 17th

Moldova 15th

Ireland  6th

Bosnia & Herzegovina  2nd

Denmark  3rd

Austria 18th

Ukraine 23rd

Slovenia 20th 

Sweden  7th



Getter Jaani, representing Estonia with her song Rockefeller Street, and composer/lyricist Sven Lohmus were asked how their nerves felt when they were the first finalist to be announced. Lohmus: “It was such a relief for us.” Getter: “I was like 'woooo, yaay'!

David Bryan, lead singer of the band Hotel FM representing Romania with their song Change, was asked if the band would be nervous at the Final performance or be like 'Daddy Cool', referring to the hit song of Boney M, with whom the band has performed in the past. David said he was always 'Daddy Cool' and then delivered a spontaneous excerpt rendition of the song.

Zdob şi Zdub vocalist Roman Iagupov (song: So Lucky) revealed that he had dreamed the band would make it to the Final. When asked what it would take to get there, the band replied: “We should be lucky and cosmic and original and unreal.”

Jedward, representing Ireland with their song Lipstick, were breathlessly excited after their triumphand thanked their fans and the journalists. Edward: “He's John, I'm Edward. We're Jedward, we're twins! Were so psyched to be in the Final. We can't wait to meet all you guys. We hope to meet you and let all you guys take pictures. For all the guys - high-fives. For all the girls - kiss to the cheek. It's so cool to see all you guys. We saw all you guys at the previous press conference. and it's amazing that you guys are all here and were so happy to be in Germany and it's so cool when you go onto Google and you Google yourself and you guys are out there writing about it. Hi to all those cameras back there and the camera over there.”

When asked how it felt to be taking over Europe, John replied: “Were one step closer to meeting Britney Spears! It's awesome! We're going all over Europe. We're real successful in the UK and Ireland and we can't wait to be successful all around the world.”

When asked about their chances of winning the Grand Final on Saturday, Edward responded: “You know what? It's about everyone getting behind us. It's going out there, being crazy, being fun, smiling. I think it's about creating a vibe on stage so that when everyone's at home they go, what? Every act is totally different. It's about going up there on stage and finding something different. It's about taking the competition to the next stage.”

When selecting their start number for the final, John quipped: “And the winner of the Oscar is - No. 6!" The band felt the number was fitting because they have six pets, i.e. five dogs and a parrot.

Bosnia Herzegovina's Eurovision contestant Dino Merlin sang his Love in Rewind to earn a place in the Grand Final. A journalist asked the music veteran whether the young Jedward twins sitting next to him reminded him of his own youth and if he had any advice for them. Dino answered: “I completely agree with the guys. I was crazy like they are, thanks very much. I started with my big yellow coats 27 years ago. It was really crazy.”

When asked how the Eurovision Song Contest had changed since he won the competition in 1999, he replied: “So many things changed compared to the 90's. There are huge production standards and we live in a digital era. Everything has changed, but something will always be the same - you have to have a good performance and a good song.”

He also reminisced briefly about 1999: “It was great - Jerusalem. It was the first time I had the opportunity to visit that beautiflul city and it was great fun.”

A Friend in London, representing Denmark with their entry song New Tomorrow, expressed their feelings about qualifying for the Grand Final: “We just feel so relieved to be here because it's very exciting. The bottom line is it's about having a good song - this is what it's all about.” Wen asked why their singer was running such a long way on stage, the band replied: “He's actually running for a new tomorrow and a better world.”

Austria's Nadine Beiler qualified for the Grand Final with her song The Secret Is Love, gushed for joy: "Thank you, I'm so glad and so grateful. It's so great for me and for Austria. I can't describe this feeling. It was so exciting. We were all sitting and just thought 'please, please say the name Austria, say it, say it', and the moment comes 'Austria' and we were so happy and then we were just jumping around. Yaah, we won, we got into the Final! And it was such a great feeling, I can't descirbe it and afterward I thought it couldn't be the last time being on this stage with this audience and this feeling. And I just prayed to God that I would reach it."

Nadine refused to speculate on who would win the Contest: “I really can't say. I think every one of us can win this. It's all about how Europe decides. I think we all try to give our best on stage. We all love the music and make music together. I'm so glad I can be part of it.”

Mika Newton, representing the Ukraine with her song Angel, was similarly thrilled: “Oh my God. I think my heart was bumping on the floor. It was really great about the result. But the best was being on the stage. It's very huge, very big. Thank you Eurovision for a really great show!” And her accompanying sand artist Kseniya Simonova said: “I was actually the worst pessimist in the team. I was holding my hands like this because I was so afraid. Thanks to everyone for voting for us.” She also affirmed that the problems that had beset the rehearsals had been solve: “To my great fortune, my camera was great, my table was great, everything was amazing. Fortunately this time everything was perfect. The sound of Mika, as always, was amazing. Everyone is happy.”

Maja Keuc of Slovenia (song: No One) pointed at the composer Ursa Vlasic and said: “She knocked me down when we got to the Final, so I was thinking, oh my God, hopefully I don't show my underpants now!” And regarding her excitement: “I think I stopped breathing for a minute, my record. I had to pinch myself because I was in my dress for like 5 hours and didn't feel my body anymore.”

Sweden's Eric Saade, who sang Popular to qualify, was asked how it felt to be the last finalist to be announced: “I was actually thinking 'I'm gonna kill Mr. Sand, the boss of Eurovision', because he decided to make Sweden the last envelope. So I'm gonna kick his ass later.” His collaborator explained why the breaking glass stunt worked in the performance after failing in rehearsal: “I think it had to do with the vibrations moving it from underground in the arena to the stage and they decided to actually put the explosives right next to the stage instead of underground and it worked.” And Eric added: “It'll be better in the Final, I swear.”

Here is the order of appearance for all Eurovision Song Contest contestants:

  1.  Finland

  2.  Bosnia & Herzegovina

  3.  Denmark

  4.  Lithuania

  5.  Hungary

  6.  Ireland

  7.  Sweden

  8.  Estonia

  9.  Greece

  10.  Russia

  11.  France

  12.  Italy

  13.  Switzerland

  14.  United Kingdom

  15.  Moldova

  16.  Germany

  17.  Romania

  18.  Austria

  19.  Azerbaijan

  20.  Slovenia

  21.  Iceland

  22.  Spain

  23.  Ukraine

  24.  Serbia

  25.  Georgia


The Grand Final on Saturday will decide the winner.