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Winners of the Marcel Bezençon Awards 2017

14 May 2017 at 15:00 CEST
Marcel Bezencon Award Thomas Hanses
Apart from the viewers at home and music industry professionals who decide upon the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, press, commentators and composers also award additional prizes; the Marcel Bezençon Awards. This year Italy and Portugal won the annual prize.

The Marcel Bezençon Award, named after the founder of the Eurovision Song Contest, was first handed out in 2002, at the initiatve of Christer Björkman and Richard Herrey. The Awards are divided into three categories – the Press Award, the Artistic Award and the Composer Award.

The 2017 Marcel Bezençon Awards 

Press Award - given to the best song according to the collective vote of the accredited press: Italy - Francesco Gabbani with Occidentalis Karma

Artistic Award - presented to the best artistic performance and voted by the commentator from each country: Portugal - Salvador Sobral with Amar Pelos Dois

Composer Award - rewarded for the best composition with special consideration given to originality and national identity in music and lyrics: Portugal - Luisa Sobral with Amar Pelos Dois.