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Winners of the #EurovisionMeme Contest

Posted 4 January, 2015, 15:48

More than one hundred memes have been shared under the hashtags #eurovisionmeme and #eurovisionmemes during the last two days. Here is our selection of the funniest ones!

The Winner!

This is the one we undoubtedly liked most - a winner in more than one aspect:
{Twitter#Embed, href:}

The Wind Machine!

Now what would Eurovision be without a wind machine? And which participant does every true fan immediately think about when a wind machine is mentioned? Right, obviously this is a winning combination too:
{Twitter#Embed, href:}

The Classic!

Although this is not strictly speaking a meme, the "Epic Sax Guy" (who was part of the Moldovan Eurovision Song Contest performance in 2010) deserves a honorary prize too, for he gave the inspiration to many a meme, and he was mentioned several times in your comments on VK, Facebook, and Twitter. His saxophone solo was truly epic, and here you can watch a 10-hour extended version of it:
{Video#YT, id:VnnWp_akOrE}

Below you can browse through a selection of several more memes we liked a lot!

Only at Eurovision

{Embed#Instagram, url:}

Je t'adore

{Embed#Instagram, url:}

On and Off

{Twitter#Embed, href:}

Something Butter

{Twitter#Embed, href:}


{Twitter#Embed, href:}

Evil Elimination Grin

{Twitter#Embed, href:}

Keep Calm

{Twitter#Embed, href:}

Tribute to #EurovisionMeme Contest

{Twitter#Embed, href:}

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this small competition and shared their #EurovisionMemes with us!
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