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Winner's Tour to Finland, Sweden and Norway

08 May 2008 at 03:04 CEST

The winner of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest will kick off the 2008 Winner's Tour in last year's Host City Helsinki, on the 28th of May. The same day, the entourage will travel to Sweden's capital Stockholm. On the 29th, after more promotional activities in the Swedish capital, the winner will move on to Oslo in neighbour country Norway. Indeed, that's three countries in just two days! 

The tour will bring the winner of the 53rd Eurovision Song Contest through a total of eight European countries between 28th of May and 3rd of June.

  • 28th of May: Helsinki (Finland) and Stockholm (Sweden)
  • 29th of May: Stockholm (Sweden) and Oslo (Norway) 
  • 30th of May: To be announced!
  • 31st of May: London (United Kingdom)
  • 1st of June: Ostend (Belgium)
  • 2nd of June: Paris (France)
  • 3rd of June: To be announced!

The Winner's Tour schedule is preliminary, and last minute changes ánd additions can be made. Keep an eye on for the latest Winner's Tour news in the upcoming days ánd the last two destinations. A special Winner's Tour website will be launched by the end of the week.
Last year, the European Broadcasting Union offered the first ever Winner's Tour to Marija Šerifovic' from Serbia, visiting Denmark, Spain, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Greece.