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Winner's Tour kicks off, Dima delayed

28 May 2008 at 01:26 CEST

The Russian superstar and newest Eurovision Song Contest ambassador got stuck in traffic on the way to the airport in Moscow, and will now travel to Helsinki via St. Petersburg, to make it in time for tomorrow morning's breakfast show on Finnish television. Meanwhile, the Winner's Tour entourage met in downtown Helsinki to discuss the intense schedule ahead. Who did arrive as well is Edvin Marton, the world famous violin player from Hungary, who joined Dima on stage during the performance of Believe. He Γ‘nd the Stradivarius violin he brought on stage is also joining the Winner's Tour... well secured!


This year's Winner's Tour can already count on high interest from Russian media. The popular Russian music channel MUZ TV will travel along with the Winner's Tour until the very end in San Marino, on the 3rd of June, while REN TV and MTV Russia come to Finland and Sweden to follow Dima's moves. 

Dima only arrived back in Moscow on Sunday night, and was warmly welcomed by hundreds of fans and media. Shortly after his victory, Prime Minster Putin and President Medvedev congratulated the fresh Eurovision Song Contest, and promised Europe to organize "a Eurovision Song Contest at the highest standards."

Media and fans now speculate whether the honour of hosting the 54th Eurovision Song Contest will go to Saint Petersburg, or capital Moscow. A decision on the Host City is expected to be made in the next couple of months.