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Winner's Tour: From Stockholm to Oslo

29 May 2008 at 19:54 CEST

During the web chat, violin player Edvin Marton introduced himself, and Dima explained what this Eurovision Song Contest victory means to him, and to his country Russia. When someone asked what Dima's meaning of life is, he replied: "It is about moving forward. Never stop. Not just in your carreer, but also in life itself."  Another fan asked why Dima thought he won the Eurovision Song Contest now, and why not in 2006. "I have more fans now, as I released more material in English. But I also changed myself. The song is of course important, and the act was original and professional," Dima explained.

After the chat and interviews, Dima and the Winner's Tour entourage quickly had to get on a coach to drive to Stockholm's small business airport, where the private plane was waiting to swiftly bring everyone to Norway's capital Oslo. A full hour up in the sky was an excellent opportunity to take some rest from the hectic tour, and enjoy an intimate lunch.

Talking to the First Officer of our Metro 23 plane, it became clear that he was proud to have the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest on board. "This is one of the reasons why I prefer to fly small and private planes. It gives a lot more opportunity to get to know the client," he said. 

In Oslo, where the weather was as good as in Stockholm, a camera crew from TV Norge was waiting for Dima. "I am happy to be here in Norway, even though it's short," said Dima, who immediately got a brief introduction to the Norwegian language when the reporter tried to teach him how to place an order in Norwegian. A coach took everyone to the city centre, some 40 (!) kilometers away from the airport. Everyone unanimously decided that the beautiful scenary in Norway is worth to be seen! The star and his entourage had only 30 minutes to fresh up and change, as TV2 was expecting Dima to be their guest of honour during an afternoon live show.

Stay tuned for more news from Norway, and some announcements regarding Dima's appearance in Ireland and the United Kingdom.