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Winner's Tour: Dima Bilan in Helsinki!

29 May 2008 at 02:00 CEST

At radio station YLEX, Dima and Edvin spoke about their recent victory at the Eurovision Song Contest, and summed up where they are going during the seven days of Winner's Tour. Edvin then played the chorus of Dima's winning song on the Stradivarius. "I left my Eurovision Song Contest trophy at home, because it is so big and heavy, and I am afraid to damage it," Dima explained when the radio host asked about it.

Dima also spoke with TV channel MTV3, YLE Pop News and the website of the Finnish public broadcaster. 

Later today, Dima will perform with Edvin Marton at the Stockmann shopping mall in downtown Helsinki, to then move on to the Swedish capital Stockholm by private plane!