Winner's Press Conference: Germany

Lena Meyer-Landrut arrived shortly after 01:00 CET to meet the worlds press, along with Stefan Raab and the composers and backing singers and representatives from German television. They sprayed bottles of champagne over the press and photographers, many carefully guarding their lenses in the process.

Naturally enough for the German winner, most of the questions came from the German media, and were asked and answered in German.

In fact Lena admitted she was more worried about the questions she was going to get in her exams coming up soon, rather than the questions from the press.

"I am completely freaking out"

Asked how she felt  about winning the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest she replied “I am shocked, and I am very happy, it is so much to think about, I am so grateful in fact I am completely freaking out.  Winning is a gut feeling, but it is not everything. It is  awesome, but it is not life, and I want to enjoy it as much as I can”

In fact during the voting those around her told her she had won, but as there was so many countries still to vote, she hadn’t even realised that she couldn’t be caught. She added that she wanted to thank everyone who called and voted for her.

Stefan Raab thanked the composers for the song Satellite and the television show TV Total.

As to where the  2011 edition of Europe’s Favourite TV Show will be? That is undecided as there are many cities capable of hosting such a large event.. Munich, Berlin, Hannover... the list could go on. For tonight the Germans are going to celebrate and then start to work on that decision next week.

The German delegation will be flying home to Hannover tomorrow, and are expected in about 15:00 CET and will travel to the City Hall for a special celebration.

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