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Finland’s rule-breaker: Windows95man is powering up for Malmö

05 April 2024 at 14:12 CEST
Windows95man is representing Finland at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest YLE / Nelli Kenttä
Tear up the guidelines. Throw out the regulations. Forget the risk assessment! Finland is sending Windows95man to Malmö to represent his country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, with the song ‘No Rules!’
Windows95man is representing Finland at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest YLE / Nelli Kenttä

It’s not often an artist comes with a denim egg and pyrotechnic shorts. But that’s how Windows95man arrived at his national final performance in Finland, Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK). In a strong competition where acts zipped up and down the leaderboard, the public vote sent Windows95man flying into 1st position.

You might be surprised to know that this rebel’s real name isn’t actually Windows95man (we were just as shocked) but Teemu Keisteri, and he’s accompanied by the vocals of Henri Piispanen. Windows95man is well-known as a 1990s Eurodance DJ, and No Rules! is his debut single.

Windows95man is representing Finland at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest YLE / Miikka Varila

The song was written by his friend Jussi Roine while he was in the shower. He was inspired by Windows95man’s no rules attitude, and teamed up with producer Henri Piispanen to make a demo. Henri sang the vocals on the demo track, but he did such a great job that they kept him on board.

And just a reminder to Windows95man; there are actually quite a few rules at Eurovision. So please do get yourself familiar with the EBU rule book!

Henri says the weirdest place he’s performed is at a florist’s summer party, and Windows95man once performed on a private charter flight. We really hope Scooch’s Flying The Flag was included in that particular set.

We asked Windows95man how long it’s acceptable to wear the same pair of socks for. The answer? “NO RULES!” But he didn’t have the same answer when it comes to how much sleep is enough. For Teemu, a firm: “5 hours,” and for Henri: “Enough is enough.” It seems we’ve found the limit to their rule-less existence.

Henri’s got 2 Eurovision heroes and they couldn’t be more different. One is Finland’s famous rock band Lordi, who won the Contest in 2006 with Hard Rock Hallelujah and the other is Austria’s singer and drag queen Conchita Wurst, who won in 2014 with Rise Like A Phoenix. Henri describes Conchita as a fearless and amazing singer. They both certainly channel the No Rules! energy.

Gina G is another huge inspiration for Window95man, after she represented the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1996 with the song Ooh…Aah…Just A Little Bit and came in 8th place. He says it was the best show and the best Euro-dance.

It’s no secret that Windows95man is a fan of viral pop hits. So it will be no surprise that his favourite songs include Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!! by the Vengaboys, Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO, and Gangnam Style by PSY. Henri says Kylie Minogue’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head will always get him on the dance floor, and Windows95man likes to start a karaoke party with Finnish Eurovision legend Käärijä’s Cha Cha Cha.

Windows95man told the Official Eurovision Song Contest Podcast that he first had the idea of heading to the Eurovision Song Contest in around 2016, then during the Covid pandemic he started to take the idea a bit more seriously. “My first song, and we’re going to Eurovision! I love so much the danger. I can’t wait to go to Eurovision. I used for the first time ear monitors. This is an insane place to do things for the first time.”

He also told podcast host Steve Holden that there is only one pair of magic denim shorts. Protect them at all costs.

You can hear more from Window95man on episode 7 of the Official Eurovision Song Contest Podcast.

Windows95man is representing Finland at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest YLE / Nelli Kenttä

You can learn more about Windows95man from Finland right here.

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The Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Malmö, Sweden on Tuesday 7 May (First Semi-Final), Thursday 9 May (Second Semi-Final) and Saturday 11 May (Grand Final) 2024.

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