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Wind machine, catwalk and pyrotechnics for Denmark

21 May 2010 at 19:20 CEST

There are four backing singers on stage, three female and one male. The song begins with a thin screen dividing Chanée & Thomas so that they cannot see each other as they stand back to back on either side of the screen. As the first chorus approaches the screen is slid back and the couple move towards each other and join hands and smoke rises from the stage.

Chanée wears a silver and blue dress whilst Thomas is wearing a black jacket and trousers with a blue t shirt. Midway through the performance Chanée &Thomas slide apart from each other to opposite ends of the stage. The Danes are one of the few delegations this year who are using the catwalk in their performance, with Chanée &Thomas walking there as the final chorus approaches. A wind machine is used whilst they are standing at the end of the catwalk for further effect as well as pyrotechnics to finish the song in style.

As for the stage backdrop, it is dark with a violet colour lighting which is flashing and alternating between red, white, blue and yellow throughout the three minutes.


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Danish designed outfits

In the shortest press conference of 2010 to date, Chanée and Thomas took to the long desk alone without any other members of the Danish delegation. Chanée said of the second rehearsal "There are some problems, we need to get the smoke under control, we actually ordered dry ice not heavy smoke, this is our main challenge right nowas the smoke can get in our throats and cause problems." 

Both artists have had their clothes designed by Danish designers, the designer of Chanée's dress had also in the past designed outfits for Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears. Thomas describes his outfit as like an old military style.

The announcer of the press conference remarked that a Norwegian blogger had written that there was a lack of chemistry between Chanée and Thomas during the first rehearsal. Chanée remarked "I'm not surprised about that as we had massive problems in our first rehearsal". Thomas reacted by saying that nobody has seen them on stage yet, as they have only rehearsed.

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